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New Smoky BBQ 

Introducing our new BBQ crackers! Pucker up with this snack featuring a savor of smoke, chili peppers, and the delicious taste of BBQ. 

Also Available 

Locally you can purchase at 

Meat & Vino Wine Market - 901 E. Wardlow Rd LB

Ken's Ice Cream Parlor-18511 S Avalon Blvd,  Carson

Savory Bites have made a mark in Miami, Memphis , ATL, Dallas, Austin, Chicago and our newest partnering city is New York!

Savory Bites are a big hit at social gatherings!

Check out what people are saying about our unique crackers.


Please do yourself a favor and get some of these flavored crackers...they are fire. Such a hit at the pool party today.


Thank You, Kim. She ships as well. Please support women Business #SoooooGood #SavoryBites 


Los Angeles, CA

First off the taste is simply incredible.!! You get a lot of flavor from each cracker.

From the "Fire Cracker " to the "Loaded Potato "..Kim has a great Flavor for everyone and having them alone as a snack, with beer and football, with wine and cheese or with a meal


"Savory Bites" are a good choice.!!

~@Harold Dade

Los Angeles. CA

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