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Flavored crackers that pair wonderfully with anything!

Savory Bites was derived from a family recipe that was tweaked to take an ordinary cracker to an extraordinary level while enjoying savory flavors in each bite.

Founded by Kimberly Britt,(known as The Cracker Lady) who started making her Spicy Original flavor three years ago, after catering an over the top champagne party. She received several purchase requests and within a few months later her Spicy Original flavor landed on the palate of a cafe owner out of Atlanta, Georgia. The owner expressed interest in selling them but wanted more flavors. 


After sitting on the partnership opportunity for a few months, Kimberly decided to play around with some flavors until she had developed a total of 3 flavors; Spicy Original, Garlic Herb & Parmesan Cheese. Those flavors took off like a wild-fire which inspired her to add a few more to the mix including Mango Habanero and Loaded Potato

. Fast forward a year later, with booming sales, Kimberly thought it was time for a name and menu change from Gourmet Crackers by Kim to Savory Bites and she has a total of 18 flavors and growing; Spicy Original, Garlic Herb, Mango Habanero,  Smoky BBQ, Brown Sugar, Lemon Lime, Honey Pepper, Loaded Potato, California Citrus, Firecracker, Lemon Pepper, Spicy Smoked BBQ, Cheesy Taco, Jamaican Jerk, Chipotle, Spicy Garlic, Garlic Parmesan and Savory Pleasures.

Savory Bites are most often eaten with various cheeses, a chicken or tuna spread, chili, salads or gumbo and paired with an alcoholic beverage; however, they are absolutely delicious eaten by themselves. These delicious crackers are best known by the slogan; “No one can eat just one”.

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